The oldest lightvessel still in the Netherlands

Allow yourself to be taken on a guided tour and discover the secrets of a lightship. Taste the atmosphere of days gone by when 11 men stayed aboard the lightship for four weeks and imagine what it was like when the storm was blowing, the waves were pounding and the ship was pulling and swinging the anchor and was used by the sea as a plaything

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Touriboost project chooses this cultural heritage for the business model and workshop based on the connection of the activity serving the maritime community to help to navigate the Napoleon defence line. The Napoleon Defence line is the key resource of Tourisboost project integrating different fortresses. Napoleon comes to life to inspect the defence line and, he founds his fortresses have today a different role. Tourist and social inclusion services.

Operating in the Napoleon's Defence line of Den HELDER

Listen to stories in the first person. It will surprise you! Don't miss it book your visit now!


She was built at the former Rijkswerf Willemsoord shipyard and came into service on 29 September 1952 at the position Texel, about 18 nautical miles off the coast near Den Helder. In 1992 the ship was brought in for good. Since 1995, the lightship Texel has had her final berth in Den Helder, where she adds a new dimension to her existence, namely as a museum lightship. The lightship Texel is moored at the jetty opposite building 66.

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Entrance fee:

Adults 2€
Children up to 13 years old 1€

Opening hours:

10:00 to 17:00 all week days and weekends

They have stories to share. The stories are memories we need preserve. They are the CREW of the ship

Become the Master and Commander of the Lichtship Texel. Build your story in the story


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